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Introduction to the Jiali District Office

Jiali District Office

Jiali District Office Address: No.5, Jhongsiao Rd., Jiali Dist., Tainan City 722203, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel: 06-7222127

Fax: 06-7221245

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-Noon & 1:30pm- 5:30pm (Staff will be present during the break time but for document submission only)

District Chief Email Address: jiali722@mail.tainan.gov.tw

Responsibility and Organization of Jiali District Office, Tainan City:

The district chief is assigned in accord with Article 13 in the Tainan Government organizational regulations, undertaken by order of the mayor and instructed and supervised by the Civil Affairs Bureau. Its duties are coordinating district affairs and commanding and supervising the staffs of the district office.  The district chief shall instruct and assist the organizations of the Police, Fire, Household and District Cleaning Units, as well as the junior high school and elementary school, to promote the self-government matters of the administrative district, serve the public and carry out projects assigned by the supervisor. However, regarding district level prevention and rescue,   the organizations shall follow and carry out the commands of the district chief. Only when a commander, an assigned commander of the City Level Emergency Operation Center, or an assigned site commander arrives to take over responsibility can the district chief hand over his or her supervision. 

The following are the responsibilities and the scope of authorization of the city government to each department and division in the district office:

Civil Affairs and Community and Cultural Services Section

Being responsible for autonomous administration, elections, district level disaster prevention, managing the Village Activity Center, environmental sanitation promotion, conciliation service, funeral services, religion and folk customs, ancestral estates, military service, land administration, The 37.5% Arable Rent Reduction Act, civil defense, non-urban land utilization control, Aboriginal & Hakka affairs, library management, national education, PE, culture & art, community arts, ceremonial activity, historical relic and literature, tourism promotion and other matters related to culture and civil administration.

Social Affairs Section

Being responsible for the Social Affairs Administration, social welfare, social assistance, national health insurance, National Pension, Labor Administration, community development, community activity center management, new inhabitant service, civil association guidance, post-disaster settlement, career guidance and other matters related to social administration.  

Agriculture and Construction Section

Being responsible for the survey and management of agriculture, forestry, fishery, animal husbandry, agricultural promotion, civil engineering, traffic control, irrigation & road work, architectural engineering, maintenance engineering, the management of street trees and lights, the renovation of sport halls and activity centers, the inspection and reporting of illegal buildings, the maintenance and management of parks, the management of parking lots, administration for industry and commerce and other agricultural and construction matters.   

General Affairs Section

Is responsible for documents, sealing, filing, general affairs, meetings, cashiering, investigation, information, the legal system, and public relations. 

The Personnel Office is responsible for human resource matters and other section related matters.

The Accounting Office is responsible for annual budget, accounting and statistics matters.

Civil Service Ethics Office is responsible for ethics matters.