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Introduction to the District

Location of Jiali in Tainan City

 The district is located in the west of Tainan City with a total area of 38.9422 sq. kilometers. (Material source: Checked by Ministry of the Interior) 

Situated on the Chianan Plain, it has flat terrain, average altitude is 5.5 meter and the 17-meter-high Bei Tou Yang sand dune is its highest area The whole area is flat and has complete urban planning (737 hectares, with obvious urban and suburban district division.)


The greenbelt and sports park make Jiali District a comfortable and livable district.

Jiali Park

Jiali Chung-sang Park, a total area of 2.1 hectares, was completed in 2012. 

Shiau-long Waterway is a good recreation place.

 Sports Park

The Sports Park, 4 hectares in area, has sports facilities including a tennis court, badminton court, basketball court, etc. 

The rivers in the Jiali District mainly run east-west. The rivers arranged from north to south are Matou Drainage, branch line of Jiali Drainage, Da-Liao Drainage, Liu Cuo Drainage, etc. Other than that, the Haipu Drainage, Congziliao Drainage, Su Cuo Liao Drainage and Xi You Cuo Drainage also cross the area.

Although there is no train station, Taiwan’s High Speed Rail and such interchange systems as the freeway and expressway go through the area, so it is still convenient. For that reason, Jiali is not only the traffic hub of the Beimen District (population of about 180,000) and the intersection of County Road No. 176 and No. 19, but also is the start and end of three main bus routes in Tainan City.