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Jiali District, located in the Southwest Coast area in the Jianan Plain, is in the center of six districts in the Beimen Area, with an area of 38.9422 sq. kilometers, having flat terrain and an altitude of 5.5 meters. Even its highest area, the Bei Tou Yang sand dune, has an altitude of just 17 meters. The geology of the jurisdiction is sandy loam soil, pretty fertile and good for crop cultivation

There is only one kind of soil in the area, sand-shale alluvial soil, which can be found everywhere in the region. Due to good drainage ability, it has become the ideal soil for planting rain-fed crops. Furthermore, the annual rainfall in Jiali District is between 1,200-1,500 mm with its dry season being from October to the following March, during which time there is little rain. The southeast monsoons that occur from May to September cause up to 80% of the annual rainfall.