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Knowing the beauty of Jiali by foot –

travel spot descriptions for the cultural tour


Serial No. Travel Spots Description
01 Hsinan Scout cultural artifacts exhibition Hsinan Scout cultural artifacts exhibition located at Zhangzhou Communtiy. Hsinsan Scout, founded in 1976, is the first scout group in Taiwan. Recently, there is complete scout information, like the medals, certificates, Chinese knotting arts and activity pictures, on the second floor of the activity center in Zhangzhou and Haicheng Community.
Location: No. 204, Fanziliao, Zhangzhou Village, Jiali District, Tainan City
Phone No.: 06-7237417
02 Yinyuan Temple-Hundred-Man Centipedes Formation Yinyuan is the faith center of Zhangzhou Community. It was in 2011 that the temple followed the instructions of God to hold the Hundred-Man Centipedes Formation religious blessing parade. There are three differences compared with the event in other places: 1. The civil and military officials are played by children 2. It is carried by hand the whole parade 3. It is the only centipede array guided by a centipede pearl. The length of the 204.538 meter parade line in 2011 even became a new Guinness World Records breaker as the world’s longest parade.
Address: No. 200, Fanziliao, Zhangzhou Village, Jiali District, Tainan City
Phone No.: 06-7229852
03 Holland Well Holland Well located in the “Fei Sha Lun” Piedmont, it was dug by the Dutch for drinking and irrigation use. This well has provided drinking water to the residents in the Beitouyang tribe for 300 years. However, due to burial by sand, it is no longer in use. In 2001, in order to revive the magnificence of Holland Well, we specially invited Min-Fu Hsu, a professor of the department of architecture of UCKU, to design and renovate Holland Well to what you see now based on the concept of the preservation of historical relics.
Address: Haicheng Village, Jiali District, Tainan City
04 Beitouyang Cultural Park Beitouyang Cultural Park located at the center area of the Soulangh group of the Pingpu tribe, it is one of the Siraya group. The meaning of Beitou in Pingpu language is witch, and “yang” is the livable grazing land. They still follow the custom of worshiping the pot in the present day. The Alitu religious ceremony is held on March 29 of the Lunar Calendar every year. Many folk experts and photographers will just come and take photos just for the Pingpu Night Rite.
Address: No. 60-4, Fanziliao, Zhangzhou Village, Jiali District, Tainan City
Phone No.: 06-7238661
05 Fe Fan Tomb Located at the farm of the east Fesalun Piedmont, it is called Fe Fan because the tomb owner Tien Yu Chen was good at running. When requested by the Qianlong emperor to race with a horse in Beijing, unexpectedly, Tien Yu Chen ran faster than the horse. The Qianlong emperor was so happy that he gave Tien Yu Chen and his son the opportunity to see the emperor three times. For that reason, his descendants carved “Both Father and son have seen the emperor three times” on the tomb to record and spread the good virtue of the ancestors to their descendants.
Address:a farm with a sign saying, “History of Fe Fan Tomb” along the road of South Line 19 to Au-ang from Jiali.
06 The Dingbu Ancient Sugar Mill Originally on old rural collective land that was unused space of inferior quality, in 2006, the Development Association of Yengping Community improved the space by the Renaissance planning called “Sugar and Flower Fragrance Around the Hometown. ” It constructed the bamboo house to create the culture image of the sugar industry and built the ancient sugar squeezing tools (Shi che) and Kou Min cooking vessels for boiling sugar, sugar refining and sugar manufacturing to revive the over 200-year-old “sugar mill.”
Address: The Northside of Yengping Police Station in Jiali District, Tainan City
07 Chee Seng Tong Medical Hall The Chinese Medical Hall founded by Chinese medicine doctor Chingsan Hsu. During Japanese rule, he lived in Xia Ying Zhuang. Dr. Hsu specialized in venation and pharmacodynamics and had superior skills as well as being the master who taught venation to Chinese and Western medicine doctors in Beimen Village. The architectural style of Chee Seng Tong is a two-story baroque style building. The unique thing about the building is that there is an eagle sculpture standing in the center of the roof. The location of the other standing eagle in Jiali District is on the roof of the street house at No. 331, Zhongsahn Rd. (private house, only open for seeing the outside of the building.)
Address: No. 76, Dingbu Village, Jiali District, Tainan City
08 The ancient building group in Jiafu Community Jiafu Community is known for its landscape creation. People can see the old buildings and red brick walls everywhere while walking through the community. After renovation by the decedents, the Chen family ancestral home is more elegant than before.
Address: Jiafu Village, Jiali District, Tainan City
09 Der Shan Hall Der Shan Hall pays attention to the concept of health. It insists on using fresh eel, the unique thickening material that breaks the tradition with top level spice herbs. Its sour, sweet and salty flavor is suitable to the residents, so don’t forget to drink the nutrient-enriched eel bone soup treated by the store owner.
Address: No.322, Guangfu Rd., Jiali Dist., Tainan City 722, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone No.: 06-7238993
10 Natural Forest DIY Workshop Mr. Yuan Chang Yang uses the recycled branches and seeds to make all kinds of vivid and lifelike animals like the black-faced Spoonbill, horse, Rhinoceros beetle, etc. By skillful design, he gives the abundant wood new life.
Address: No. 346, Guangfu Rd., Jiali District, Tainan City
Phone No.: 06-7222600
11 Park Avenue Located in the Jiali District Road Park, it stretches from the north to the south of the Urban Planning District. The road is 40 meters wide, with a total length of 1750 meters. From Anbei Rd. in the north to Chenggong Rd. in the south, there are 7.1 hectares of land. Such a wide park area is rare to see in Tainan City. There are abundant forests and green shade in the road park. Walking along the road, you will be amazed to see the falling red flame flower and the flower panels of the golden shower tree.
Address: Gongyuan Rd., Jiali District, Tainan City
12 Chao Ching Temple A civil and military temple, worshiping Confucius and San Sheng En Zhu, as well as being the only Confucian temple in Jiali District. Every year, the temple will hold the Ceremony of Confucius on Teachers Day on September 28.
No. 118-3, Anxi Village, Jiali District, Tainan City
Phone No.: 06-7224214
13 Lintou forest Though Wenzinei is on the waterfront, there is a belt area of Lintou trees to protect and to keep the sand from attacking the Wenzinei in Long'an and Hanliao Village. So we regard it as the place with Earth Spirits and Dragon Knots. In the early years, when there was a shortage of resources among the people, they used the dried eaves of the lintou tree as fuel and its fibrous root as rope to thread through the gills of fish. The leaves can also make all kind of children’s toys. The seed of the lintou tree can be used as medicine to heal disease. As a result, the lintou trees was very important for the residents at that time for its multi-functional uses and become one of the important parts of the landscape here as well.
Address: Long'an and Hanliao Villages, Jiali District, Tainan City
14 Soulangh Cultural Park The reconstruction of the Jiali Sugar factory, opened to the public in 2005. In the park, there is a huge open area, south and north galleries, 4 lines of warehouse-style exhibition areas, a sugar train, etc., so we divided them into an exhibition area, railroad landscape area, Fountain Plaza, Activity Plaza and Avocado Walking Trail. The park is quiet and a place with both intellectuality and perceptuality, and good for family trips.
Address” No. 130, Liu'an, Liu'an Village, Jiali District, Tainan City
Phone No.: 06-7229910
15 Zhongsan Park Originally the location of the Beimen Shrine in the period of Japanese rule, it has ancient trees towering to the skies and green shade, and it is an important recreational area for the residents here. Moreover, there is a sculpture of Sin-rong Wu, the pioneer of literature of the Saline land and the memorial of the 7 gifted scholars in Beimin. It is worth seeing.
Address: Liu'an Villages, Jiali District, Tainan City
16 The sculpture of Sin Rong Wu Sin Rong Wu, an important writer of the Saline land during Japanese rule as well as one of 7 gifted scholars in Beimen, Shimin was his courtesy name, and he was also known as Zhenying and Jo Xing, with the retired name of the owner of Suo Lang Shan Fang. He went to study medicine in Japan in his early years, and after he came back to Taiwan, he lived in Jiali District and devoted himself to being a practicing doctor who saved people, and he had a deep love for literature. He led people to promote Taiwanese literature activities in the Saline land and cared about the native soil. Mr. Sin Rong Wu not only devoted himself to the collection and arrangement of regional history and completed two books, “The Seasonal Journey of Nanyang Literature” and “The Tainan County Notes,” but also tried his best to preserve local literature. So, in thanks for his contribution of the collection of regional history and his high social status in Taiwanese literature, we put his sculpture in Zhongsan Park.
Address: Zhongsan Park, Jiali District, Tainan City>
17 Soulangh Irrigation Chianan Irrigation is the heart of irrigation in the Chianan Plain. To create the affable and delicate Waterfront Landscape, Taiwan ChiaNan Irrigation Association has completed the construction of a green landscape in Soulangh Irrigation in 2008. They cultivated the flame gold-rain tree, willow, green maple, flame tree and heavily landscaped the perennial short shrub and croton along the irrigated coastal area. Though the tree species are strewn at random, the landscape has obvious layers and color. The rainbow bridge across the coastal area with night illumination gives a soft and romantic waterfront landscape feel to Soulangh Irrigation.
Address:Across from Jiali District Office
18 Zhongsan Old Street The location of Zhungsan St. is on the left and right of Jin Tang Temple and is always the economic artery of Jaili District, with many companies there since the period of Japanese rule. In the 19th Century, during Japanese rule, affected by the foreign architecture style, the companies on the both sides of Zhungsan St. all rebuilt their buildings as baroque style buildings, and surrounded by the street is the street house built during Japanese rule.
Address: Zhungsan Rd., Jiali District, Tainan City
19 Jin Tang Temple A Class III Historical Site, established in 1698, it was originally called Dai Tian Fu and changed its name to Jin Tang Temple in 1818. There are many ceramic fragment art works made by Master Jing Long Ho which have high artistic value. Moreover, every three years Soulangh Incense is one of the five incenses in Taiwan. The clay sculpture of Dr. Yat-se Sun in Jin Tang Temple is the only temple that has such a sculpture in Taiwan. You are welcome to come do a treasure hunt here.
Address:No. 289, Zhungsan Rd., Jiali District, Tainan City.
Phone No.:06-7226060
20 Milkfish Porridge Milkfish porridge is the favorite meal of local people here. They will eat it at whatever time, be it breakfast or dinner. A piece of fish maw on the porridge makes people lick their lips.
Address: No. 123, Hsinsheng Rd., Jiali District, Tainan City, 722, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone No.: 06-7228363
21 Jiali Meatballs Jiali Meatballs is the famous Jiali snack food. The store, originally situated in Zhongshan Market, now moves to Yanping Road. There is abundant fare in the stuffing like bamboo shoot halves, meat cubes and mushroom, with a light soup treated by the store owner. It will leave you feeling a sense of satisfaction
Address: No. 215, Yengping Road, Jiali District, Tainan City
Phone No.: 06-7227226
22 A-mi Sticky Tofu Located on an insignificant lane, the stinky tofu is infused with Chinese herbs, deep fried to be crispy, and when eaten together with pickled cabbage, it tastes light and fresh. You need to wait in line to buy this delicious food.
Address: In the corner of Zhungsan Rd. and Jianzhong St.(in back of Mr. Kuo Steak)
Phone No.:0917662171
23 Chen’s Sugar Onion Sugar Onion is an old-fashioned snack, and it requires wrapping the air into the 160°C sugar paste by pulling. After solidified, it will turn into a white color, crisp but not too sweet. Other than making the sugar onion, the sugar onion making expert Heng-hsiung Chen will often be invited to demonstrate how to make the sugar onion, a skill that is almost lost to antiquity by the public.
Address: No. 129, Zhungsan Rd., Jiali District, Tainan City
Phone No.:06-7225860
24 Thursday Night Market The traditional night market that opened once a week, it has been open for over 20 years. The market has moved from Yimin St. to near Pingden St. It is always popular and attracts many people to visit it.
Address: Zhongren Village, Jiali District, Tainan City
25 Beiji Xuantian Temple Established in 1803, worshiping Emperor Xuantian, originally it was the Tsai Family Temple and later on became the faith center of the area. It is also the only registered historical building in Jiali District. The color painting in main hall is elegant. There are color-painted ties on both side of the main, and there is historical meaning in the architecture.
Address: No. 300, Ren-ai Rd., Jiali District, Tainan City
Phone No.: 06-7214499
26 Zen Xing Temple The memorial of old Tianxing County in front of the temple announced that it is in the early developed area. Zhen Xing Temple, situated in the Jailixing area and the earliest developed area in the Jiali District, mainly worships Qingshui Zushi. There are more than 40 Yen Wang Koji Potteries in the temple, and all are truly the important cultural property. Two sculptures of “A Silly foreigner lifts up the temple corner” (imply native people at that time don't want to be ruled by Dutch) in the penthouse are vivid and lifelike in their gestures and movement and later on even became the main characters of “The Secret of silly foreigner,” the picture book about the beauty of Nan-Ying. If interested, please book a tour guide with Zhen Xing Temple.
Address: No. 325, Jialixing Jiali District, Tainan City
Phone No.: 06-7260348
27 Jiali Xing Pig hundred-year-old Intestine Porridge Founded in 1912, this is is the famous Jiali snack food. It has tender large intestine accompanied by Long Grain Rice that won’t be mushy after cooking for a long time. The fresh and sweet shredded bamboo shoots with salty-flavored ground pork enhance the taste and attracts many food lovers to come and eat it.
Address: No. 436, Xinghua Village, Jiali District, Tainan City
Phone No.:06-7261943
28 Handmade Tatami Teng Hong is one of few people who insist on making tatami by hand. Due to changes in lifestyle, there are fewer families using tatami as mattresses. However, recently, because of the increase in healthy and traditional lifestyles, the traditional and healthy tatami, which is naturally warm in winter and cool in summer, started to come into favor again. You are welcome to try the tatami so you can know its benefits.
Address: No. 570-16, Xinghua Village, Jiali District, Tainan City
Phone No.:06-7261973
29 Hundred-year-old Shen Rong Gong(the meaning of godlike banyan) This is a Hundred-year-old banyan located on the median island of the road next to Zhenshan Temple. As if opening its arms to welcome Jiali travelers and those who return home, it is the best entrance image Sigang has to Jiali District. According to estimates, the tree age is at least 300 years old, and it grew strong and full of leaves with a magnificent shape. The residents worship and call it “Shen Rong Gong.” It is one of the precious old trees in Jiali District.
Address: Next to Zhenshan Temple, Jiali District, Tainan City
30 Zhenshan Temple Zhenshan Temple is located at the San and Wu Jiao areas. Its array was instructed by a famous expert and was kept until now. Its Occupational Array, Wen Wu Lang Jun Formation and the Eight Generals are three historical artistries in Taiwan. Among them, the performance of Wen Wu Lang Jun Formation is only done in Taiwan. [Material source: 2nd issue of the Journal of Tainan City (p.52)].
Address: No. 94, Zhenshan Village, Jiali District, Tainan City
Phone No.:06-7229307
31 Holi Soy & Sauce Factory People can’t help but come to the Holi Soy & Sauce Factory because the smell of fermentation permeates the air in San Shye Village. “Naturally Brewed” is the feature of Holi Soy and Sauce Factory. Under the insistence of the factory owner Ching Jian Lee in handmaking the soy sauce in the traditional way, not many are produced, but they have stable quality. You can look around the soy sauce making workshop but please make reservations in advance.
Address: No. 32, Tan Chian, Sanshye Village, Jiali District, Tainan City.
Phone No.:06-7263219
32 Yong Chang Temple (Zilong Temple) The first Zhao Zi Long Temple In Taiwan, also called Yong Chang Temple, is one of few temples that worship Three Kingdoms Military General Zi Long Zhao in Taiwan. Zilong Village became one of few villages that named after the name of God in Taiwan as well. The birthday of Holy Lord Emperor Zhao is on February 26 in the Lunar Calendar, and the ceremony will be held regularly once every three years in the temple.
Address: No. 40 Zi Liang Miao, , Jiali Dist., Tainan City
Phone No.: 06-7262348
33 Fang-Nien Lin House Fang Nien Lin, an important litterateur in the Saline land during Japanese rule, was one of seven gifted scholars in Beimen. His real name is Jingliu Lin and the oldest son of poet Jin Xiang Lin. There is a book-shape street light in the front of his house to manifest the image of a scholarly family. (Private House, only open for seeing the facade of the building.)
Address: Zilong Village, Jiali District, Tainan City